On a mission to create 75 Industry Ready (RPA) Bots

from 15th Aug to 15th Sep, 2022

using My-AutoPylot (Python Powered)

India's own Drag & Drop BOT (RPA) Development Platform

Attractive Cash Prizes WORTH 50,000/-* to be WON

Simple Scenarios : 15,000/-

(1st : 7,000 /- 2nd : 5,000 /- 3rd : 3,000 /-)

Complex Scenarios : 35,000

(1st : 20,000 /- 2nd : 10,000 /- 3rd : 5,000 /-)

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Please download My-AutoPylot EXE from https://www.pybots.ai/download

Before you submit your bot, ensure:

a) Make a ReadMe file with detailed activities performed by your BOT.

b) Upload working BOT video to YouTube

Choose your Automation Theme (any one) from Simple & Complex Scenarios listed below

Simple Scenarios (15,000/- WORTH of Cash Prizes)

1) Filter different files present in a folder (JPEG, PNG, XLSX, DOC etc) into sub-folders based on file types. (Already Taken)

2) Pull data (Company name, employee count, description etc.) from individual or company profiles on social media platforms.

3) Pull data from multiple websites to identify best deals from e-commerce websites. (Already Taken)

4) Launch different social media accounts of a user using login credentials stored in an Excel file. (Already Taken)

5) Send out meeting invites to multiple email addresses by collecting relevant data from Excel.(Already Taken)

6) Search through multiple job-portal websites, navigating to the required pages, searching for the job title, clicking on the search button, and navigating on each job posting to extract any relevant information and saving the details back to the same excel.(Already Taken)

7) Segregate files and folders in Google Drive based on the year or month of creation and transfer them into subdirectories based on file types (images, videos and documents).

8) Make a post on multiple social media platforms by taking user inputs like file type, caption, tags and other necessary details (extract login credentials from an Excel file).

9) Search for Hotels and places to stay in a particular location through OYO/AirBnb/Tripadvisor and compare prices between them, show the report via Excel

10) Search for a second-hand Phone/Laptop/Cameras through OLX, store the different prices of that gadget in an excel sheet and give out the best 3 offers.

11) Get details of available courses in online course providers (Coursera, edX, Udemy etc.) based on a given subject as a keyword and filter out the best courses available based on ratings in an Excel file.

12) Schedule a virtual meeting (Teams/Google Meet/Zoom) on a specific day using Google Calendar and send an invitation through email. (Already Taken)

13) Develop a BOT using My-AutoPylot which will start the meeting, admit all participants and put a welcome message in the chat for each participant.(Already Taken)

14) Check flight/train availability based on source, destination, and date and prepare excel report and notify the user. (Already Taken)

15) Compare Flipkart and Amazon prices on laptops, smartphones, and headphones. (Already Taken)

16) Check the status of any courier's delivery using the tracking number and notify the user. (Already Taken)

17) Book a travel ticket on websites like MakeMyTrip/Yatra etc. using user inputs like name, travel date, type of journey (one way/round-trip) from excel.

Complex Scenarios

NOTE: Download trial version of required 3rd party software like https://mybillbook.in, https://vyaparapp.in, https://www.sap.com, https://www.salesforce.com, https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira etc and populate with dummy data.

18) In some organisations, it may be necessary to validate eligibility through departments like sales, procurement, accounting, and HR. The repetitious tasks required for this activity include running queries, copying pertinent information, and entering it into the appropriate systems on numerous websites.

Develop a BOT which :

  • Makes a list of pertinent websites

  • Runs searches on particular websites.

  • Determines eligibility

  • Copies the pertinent data

  • Data is entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Based on status, uploads pertinent documents for chosen sources

  • Creates a status report for queries

  • Sends report to interested parties

19) A crucial business activity that directly affects overall customer experience and retention is the prompt transfer of a customer from sales teams to customer support. Executives do numerous manual duties throughout the course of a workday to ensure that the proper procedures are followed in order to achieve operational excellence. Automation of such tasks could save a significant amount of time impacting accurate decision-making.

Develop a BOT which:

  • Uses the managers' login information to access the sales system.

  • The Deals section is opened

  • Examines the tags, notes, and statuses of the prospects

  • Marks potential customers with the delayed onboarding.

  • Reports are produced using the tagged data.

  • Reports containing the gathered data are sent to executives.

20) Validating contact lists is a crucial step in the sales and marketing process. The repetitious activities involved in contact list validation can be time-consuming even with numerous technologies that help automate the process. Develop a BOT which:

  • Logs into business systems to access data needed for validation

  • Opens Excel files containing data for validation

  • Examines data for broken addresses and spam while running the email validation service.

  • Excel reports are made with updated data statuses.

  • Sends stakeholders an Excel file by email

  • Informs stakeholders about the volume of data processed

21) Enriching contact lists is a crucial aspect of sales operations. The process of manually gathering prospect contact information can take up to eight hours per day, which has an influence on the productivity of sales teams and their capacity to complete other duties. Sales teams may use a variety of channels to do this. Develop a BOT which:

  • Uses a worker's login information to access a LinkedIn account.

  • Logs into Sales Navigator

  • Filters are set using predetermined criteria.

  • Gathers info from discovered profiles

  • Put these data in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Sends a data-filled Excel file to stakeholders

22) CRM systems have important data about the operations of the sales force, like leads and closed deals. They do not, however, include all of the direct and indirect costs related to sales teams. The Head of Sales must examine multiple systems and compile data into a single spreadsheet in order to evaluate marketing ROI. Develop a BOT which:

  • Gather information about sales costs from accounting, sales, and management systems.

  • Gathers information on the value of transactions closed by sales teams

  • Combines earnings and costs into a different worksheet.

  • Based on integrated data, calculates ROI

  • Emails stakeholders the final report

  • Emails consolidated reports to stakeholders

23) In order to secure new accounts, sales managers must give customer service agents a variety of tasks. When it comes to efficiently closing a contract and offering better customer service, the speed at which the responsibilities are communicated to the sales staff is essential. Develop a BOT which:

  • Assigns particular tasks to team members via email or chat in accordance with a preset workflow.

  • Notifies sales managers via email or messaging of the status of CRM tasks.

  • The CRM system tags and filters tasks

24) Sales managers frequently deal with difficult scenarios that need specialised CRM monitoring. This may entail examining the speed at which sales representatives work with prospects or monitoring whether they have completed specific CRM processes. Develop a BOT which:

  • Keeps track of sales CRM to find opportunities for development.

  • Email or Slack messages are sent based on preset criteria.

  • Notifies supervisors of any actions that differ from predetermined criteria

  • Makes a list of activities depending on predetermined parameters in a CRM system.

25) Data processing is one of the most arduous steps in accounting procedures. Teams' productivity and general efficiency may be hindered by manually producing sales receipts and invoices, sending emails, and making reports in QuickBooks. Automation may be useful in this situation. Develop a BOT which:

  • Utilises the appropriate user credentials to access QuickBooks accounts.

  • QuickBooks invoices are imported into new rows of an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Creates sales receipts for updated MS Excel files in QuickBooks

  • Creates rows in MS Excel for fresh QuickBooks payments.

  • Excel rows are created for costs from QuickBooks.

  • Updates subscriber lists for mailing services to include new QuickBooks clients.

  • Notifies users through email when fresh QuickBooks invoices and payments are available.

26) Sage is accounting software that assists business owners in automating their accounting processes. Sage's platform enables businesses to track all of their financial operations, assisting them in forecasting cash flow, invoice and payment management, reducing manual data entry, and creating clear reports from the cloud and mobile devices. Increasing the automation of operations within Sage modules frees up accountants' time for analytical tasks while decreasing inefficiencies in their daily routine. Develop a BOT:

  • Accounts receivable and payable processing is automated across multiple sources.

  • Customer onboarding is automated within SBCA Chart of Accounts from a custom Excel spreadsheet

  • Performs data entry and data export within Sage invoicing processes.

  • Transactions are collected and consolidated for further reconciliation.

  • Validation and reconciliation of pre-payments are automated.

  • Notifies relevant managers of pre-payment exceptions via email/messaging.

27) Google Analytics is an effective tool for analysing user acquisition channels, time spent on various pages, user behaviour, and goal completion. Some of the tasks performed in Google Analytics could be automated to make the data collected more impactful. Develop a BOT to meet the following:

  • When a new goal is created in Google Analytics, it generates new rows in Excel.

  • Schedules the delivery of Google Analytics reports to relevant email addresses.

  • Sets custom alerts when metrics change, such as a significant increase/decrease in conversion rate.

  • Data is extracted from multiple Google Analytics reports and consolidated into a single Excel report.

  • Tags custom events like scrolling through content, watching a video, or downloading website resources.

  • Transaction data from payment systems is sent to Google Analytics.

  • Reminder emails for important Google Analytics reports

28) Many corporate systems use Internet Explorer. Businesses use Internet Explorer for services such as corporate portals, HR systems, and corporate IT help desks. Manually performing data imports and exports, filling out web forms, and uploading files into corporate systems in Internet Explorer can take a long time. Develop a BOT:

  • IE browser and tabs are opened.

  • Enters data from Excel spreadsheets into corporate websites that are open in Internet Explorer.

  • Logs into websites that are open in Internet Explorer

  • Uploads documents and files into corporate systems that are open in Internet Explorer.

  • Enters relevant URLs or keywords into Internet Explorer and searches

  • Transfers data from web pages open in Internet Explorer to any desktop system.

29) Chrome-based web systems are the foundation of any company. Employees spend a significant amount of time in Chrome opening websites and tabs, screen scraping, performing data imports and exports, and completing web forms. When performed manually, these common tasks can take a long time. Develop a BOT:

  • Chrome browser and Chrome tabs are launched.

  • Chrome extensions are downloaded and activated.

  • Data from Excel spreadsheets is entered into websites that are open in Chrome.

  • Chrome logs into websites that are open.

  • Chrome closes irrelevant tabs

  • Enters relevant URLs or keywords into Chrome and searches

  • Transfers data from Chrome-opened web pages to any desktop system.

30) DocuSign is a document processing tool that allows users to electronically sign digital documents and forms. Despite the fact that DocuSign speeds up business transactions, employees must still perform numerous manual labour-intensive tasks associated with these transactions, such as closing deals in CRM, sending reminders, and creating reports. Develop a BOT:

  • When DocuSign envelopes are completed, an email is sent to stakeholders.

  • When DocuSign envelopes are signed, Slack messages are sent.

  • Signed DocuSign documents are uploaded to the appropriate desktop folders.

  • When DocuSign documents are signed, it creates or updates accounts in CRM.

  • When DocuSign documents are signed, tasks are created in the CRM.

  • When a DocuSign document is signed or completed, it adds rows and columns to Excel.

  • Adds contacts from DocuSign documents to the list of mail service subscribers.

  • Creates or updates HubSpot contacts for DocuSign documents that have been sent or completed.

31) Slack is one of the most widely used business messaging apps today. Slack allows you to communicate with team members, manage projects, share files and links, and receive project update notifications. Although Slack is a useful tool with many features, it still involves a significant amount of manual tasks that could be automated to make them more efficient. Develop a BOT:

  • Sends Slack messages when business files, Excel spreadsheets, and corporate databases are updated.

  • Sends Slack notifications when web forms are completed.

  • Posts on social media

  • Notifies the user via email when a new Slack message arrives.

  • Slack channels have duplicate web form responses.

  • Slack messages are consolidated into a single Excel spreadsheet.

  • Lead data from CRM is imported into Slack.

  • Custom reports are generated based on Slack activity.

32) Salesforce is a leading sales management tool; however, it is still a complex CRM in which sales reps must perform multiple tasks manually. Automating tasks in Salesforce takes time and requires expert technical knowledge. Develop a BOT:

  • Creates Salesforce database tables from Excel spreadsheet data.

  • Salesforce leads are imported from Excel.

  • Excel spreadsheets are generated based on Salesforce cases.

  • Salesforce contacts are added to email subscriber lists.

  • Salesforce leads are imported from email.

  • Salesforce emails stakeholders reminders about custom events or activities.

  • Notifies Slack about new Salesforce leads.

  • Imports new Facebook leads into Salesforce.

  • Constructs consolidated reports using Salesforce data.

  • Salesforce custom reports are emailed to stakeholders.

33) SAP is a complex software system designed for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. Accounting transactions, human resource documentation, and interdepartmental communication are just a few of the tasks that it is used for. Manual control and execution of tasks within such a complex system necessitates a high level of organisation and consumes hours of productive time for team members. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into SAP using the appropriate user credentials

  • SAP accounting and financial modules, such as payroll, transactions, and report management, are used.

  • In SAP HR modules, it manages candidate applications.

  • Performs tasks in SAP's warehouse, transportation, and inventory management modules.

  • Data is entered into the SAP system for transaction processing.

  • Produces reports on SAP projects that have been completed.

  • Sends emails or messenger alerts when tasks in SAP are completed.

  • Uploads and exports SAP documents

34) Shopify is a flexible e-commerce platform that includes features such as abandoned cart recovery notification, leading payment solutions, digital storefronts, and even content creation. Despite being an excellent tool, manual operations management in Shopify can cost your team more than 40 hours per week of productive time that could be used for other important e-commerce business activities. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into Shopify with the appropriate user credentials.

  • Order shipping is automated by importing Shopify orders, determining the best delivery option based on multiple criteria, and sending package tracking information to the purchaser.

  • Order processing and stock allocation are automated.

  • Financial documents such as invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, and cash receipts are generated.

  • Marketing activities like email marketing segmentation, email chains, a/b testing, social media posting, and distribution of Shopify store blog content are all automated.

35) Ad campaigns necessitate a thorough approach to data analytics and reporting. Marketing professionals spend hours each week gathering data from various ad accounts in order to analyse the success of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies as needed. This information includes budgets, actual expenditures, leads, conversion rates, and so on. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into ad management systems and opens the browser.

  • Data on campaign results is gathered from relevant ad management system fields.

  • Data is consolidated in a separate spreadsheet.

  • Sorts campaign data based on predefined categories and parameters.

  • Creates a structured campaign report with details on budgets spent, leads attracted, lead value, and any other information needed.

36) There is no foolproof way to keep fake email sign-ups, phoney invitations, promotional links, and phishing emails out of your inbox. Although most email services have a filter that flags suspicious messages, some emails can still make it past the filter and into your inbox. Simultaneously, some legitimate business correspondence is always routed to the junk folder. A bot can quickly delete true spam emails because it recognises them using machine language. They can also highlight legitimate email that has accidentally ended up in the junk folder. Develop a BOT:

  • Organises related emails, such as emails from social networks, into different bundles and allows the user to delete a bundle with a single click after reviewing it.

  • Unsubscribes from emails on behalf of the recipient and blocked senders' email addresses. Automatically archives old emails.

  • Produces a daily summary

37) A marketing team member can spend 3 to 4 hours collecting data on customer acquisition channels, reporting which channels perform best, and providing the most accurate CAC economics. Following data collection, employees frequently create a manual internal report in which data is aggregated and rule-based analysis is used. This data collection takes longer than actual marketing analysis, lowering the overall quality of marketing campaigns. Develop a BOT:

  • Data on customer acquisition channels is gathered from marketing CRM and analytics systems.

  • Inserts collected data into relevant marketing report fields

  • Best-performing channels are defined and labelled.

  • Marketing report is emailed to stakeholders

  • Notifies the responsible team member of the status of the report's completion.

38) In many business units, procurement is a standard, yet labour-intensive process that involves navigating many websites, filtering information, checking product availability, and placing orders in multiple accounts. Scheduling supply delivery is a time-consuming task that involves clicking through many screens in legacy websites, a procedure for which bots are well suited. Develop a BOT:

  • Navigates browsers to apply filters and check product availability.

  • Logs into several accounts and places orders

  • Orders are placed on relevant sources based on predefined criteria.

  • Makes a list of orders that have been placed, checks shipping slots, and schedules order delivery.

  • Stakeholders are emailed status updates on order processing.

39) Procurement managers typically devote two to three hours per week to searching multiple websites for the best products at the best prices. This critical procurement task is extremely repetitive, and extracting relevant data and entering it into a spreadsheet takes a significant amount of manual effort. Furthermore, such spreadsheets must be updated on a regular basis. Develop a BOT:

  • Searches a predefined list of websites for relevant products.

  • Prices for the same products on various websites are compared.

  • Finds the best prices for a list of predefined items.

  • Price values are extracted from relevant websites.

  • Enters product information into the appropriate Excel spreadsheet or corporate system.

  • Regularly updates pricing information

  • Reports on the best prices revealed

  • Updated pricing reports are sent to stakeholders via email.

40) Legacy systems are computer systems that organisations use even after they are obsolete because they contain critical business data. Such systems become difficult to maintain over time due to unsupported components and the difficulty in enhancing and adding features. As a result, they eventually become underperforming in terms of meeting the needs of their employees and customers. Even legacy systems, however, can incorporate automation to reduce time-consuming manual tasks. RPA bots that operate on the application's surface can automate legacy system tasks. Develop a BOT:

  • Automations are carried out across common legacy environments (email system, CRM, finance system).

  • Data is transferred from legacy systems to external and local sources (such as spreadsheets, the cloud, or other systems).

  • Data from external sources is imported into legacy systems.

  • Data stored in legacy systems is updated.

  • User credentials are used to log into legacy systems.

  • Reports are generated based on tasks completed in legacy systems.

  • Sends notifications for predefined activities performed in legacy systems.

41) Copiers, printers, and scanners require routine maintenance, which can consume a significant amount of time from employees. Bots can automate maintenance routines, freeing up productive time for teams while also improving printer maintenance compliance and operational efficiency. Develop a BOT:

  • Sends notifications when printer ink needs to be replaced.

  • Printer drivers are updated.

  • As needed, turn the printer device on or off.

  • Sends notifications when the printer device begins to work slowly.

  • Stakeholders are sent troubleshooting reports.

42) The first step in the employee onboarding process, the formal job offer, is a multistep, time-consuming task. HR must draft a contract, send it to the new employee via email, wait for a signed response, and then update their records. After a candidate is hired, a bot can automate this process by automatically emailing a contract, notifying HR, and updating the employee's records. Develop a BOT:

  • After a hire is confirmed, the database is queried for candidate information.

  • Fills out pertinent information and emails contract

  • Transfers a signed contract to the HR database

  • A new employee record is created/updated.

  • When the contract is signed and returned, the hiring manager is notified via Slack.

43) LinkedIn is a reliable platform for finding qualified candidates. However, searching through relevant LinkedIn profiles can be time consuming, requiring recruiters to perform repetitive filtering activities. Develop a BOT:

  • Using their credentials, logs into a recruiter's profile.

  • Predefined search parameters are entered.

  • Profiles that meet parameters are detected.

  • Exports relevant profiles to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Emails an Excel spreadsheet to the recruiter

44) Human Resources departments receive a large number of CVs, which they must sort and categorise based on the relevance of the candidates' skill set to open positions. This task can be time-consuming, taking up to three hours per day. Develop a BOT:

  • Emails are opened, and CVs in PDF and Word formats are downloaded.

  • Launches job search websites and scrapes CVs for predefined keywords.

  • Opens PDF and Word documents and scrapes them for predefined keywords.

45) Every week, operational managers spend between 30 minutes and several hours creating timesheets and compiling timesheet reports. Employees must log into the accounting system, record the dates, hours worked, and document number, save the document to the appropriate local folder, and notify stakeholders that the timesheet has been created via email. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into Sage 50 Payroll

  • Chooses a relevant database in Sage 50 Payroll

  • Chooses a relevant employee in Sage 50 Payroll based on preset criteria

  • Imports completed timesheets into the appropriate folder.

46) Employee separation, like employee onboarding, necessitates the completion of a number of tasks by IT, accounting, and security team members. Because most of these tasks are repetitive and standard, they can be easily delegated to bots. Develop a BOT:

  • Notifies responsible teams (IT, accounting, security) of the separation of a relevant team member via email and messenger.

  • Notifies an employee via email and corporate chats about resignation tasks such as providing software assets, IDs, keys, and any other corporate assets.

  • Creates handover sessions between an offboarding employee and an onboarding employee.

  • Before an employee can officially resign, he or she must obtain approval confirmations from all relevant parties.

  • Access to corporate applications and systems is revoked.

  • Sends an exit interview to a departing employee

  • Sends to-do list task reminders prior to work start.

  • Employee information is saved in relevant folders in corporate and HR systems.

47) Many companies spend a significant amount of time reviewing CVs/resumes and other sources of applicant data in order to select a subset of candidates who meet specific criteria. Not only can a bot perform this task, but it can also carry out the necessary follow-up steps, such as scheduling interviews or requesting additional information. Develop a BOT:

  • Browser navigation to apply filters and download candidate data from websites

  • Standard data is extracted and entered into Google Sheet

  • Based on predefined logic, it scores and ranks candidates

  • Creates and sends a report to HR with top candidate data

  • Emails introducing candidates and providing scheduling links

48) Payroll processing frequently involves reconciling data from point of sale, enterprise management, and HR software, which takes a significant amount of time and results in errors that can harm your business. When multiple payroll calculation methods are used for different employee cohorts, the need for an interim payroll table becomes even more apparent. Small business owners, management, accounting professionals, and HR teams all benefit greatly from the automation of such manual tasks. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into business accounting, point-of-sale, and human resources systems to collect data.

  • reconciles actual and budgeted hours worked

  • Notifies managers via email of any deviations (above the threshold).

  • Batches of earnings and deductions are processed.

  • At the end of each quarter/year, performs tax reconciliations.

  • Produces reports on benefit deductions.

49) Almost everything an employee does in the digital age can be evaluated for performance improvement. Management decision making improves as more function-specific data from multiple non-API systems is collected for analysis. However, manually preparing these presentations and detailed spreadsheets takes an inordinate amount of time. Develop a BOT:

  • Data on an aspect of employee performance is collected and consolidated from marketing, sales, accounting software, or Excel spreadsheets into a single reporting file.

  • Based on the data collected, basic PowerPoint presentations are created.

  • Stakeholders are sent performance reports.

  • When employees complete self or peer evaluations, HR Slack messages are sent.

  • Data from performance reports is uploaded to HR systems or bonus management solutions.

  • Performs cohort analysis and compiles a list of top-performing employees.

50) HR and IT professionals spend a significant amount of time with each new employee creating new accounts in corporate systems and services and sharing access rights. As SaaS becomes more popular, this process becomes even more difficult because its APIs are rarely designed for adding and managing new users. Develop a BOT:

  • HR sends an email with a new employee profile.

  • Data is extracted from a profile template or an internal HR system, and the user navigates the browser and logs into SaaS/Credential systems.

  • Account creation and permissions configuration

  • Sends an email to HR with a list of newly created accounts, permissions, and confirmations.

51) Dispute resolution is a complicated process that involves many parties. Operational routines such as managing multiple threads, manually updating status, and maintaining ongoing communication with a customer can incur significant operational costs and introduce human error. Develop a BOT:

  • Creates communications in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Protocol.

  • Communication is classified based on approval/denial/escalation.

  • Monitors the status of process resolution.

  • Sends email/messaging reminders to disputing parties

  • Produces communication status reports

52) Chatbots have largely relieved the burden of initial customer communication. However, there are still many tasks in chat communication that require human intervention. When it comes to sending company e-books, quotes, or other important materials, human interaction is especially important. Develop a BOT:

  • Chatbot integration

  • Depending on the communication scenario, it takes over tasks from the chatbot.

  • Sends relevant e-books, quotes, or other information to the customer via email.

  • Upon customer request, sends clarification emails

53) Email inbox management can be difficult for team members who have complex communication chains. For example, sales, marketing, and human resources departments may spend an inordinate amount of time sorting and labelling emails before delegating tasks based on their content. Develop a BOT:

  • Sorts emails in the inbox based on predefined criteria.

  • Sends auto-replies to relevant parties based on the content of the email

  • When necessary, delegate tasks to an employee via email.

  • Collects information from email queries and generates reports for analysis.

  • Creates tasks in CRM based on email content and sends reports to stakeholders.

54) CRM systems store critical information about marketing team activities, leads attracted, and funnel management. CRMs, on the other hand, do not account for all of the direct and indirect marketing expenses that go into calculating marketing ROI. To determine ROI, the marketing director must collect data from multiple systems and consolidate it into a single spreadsheet. Develop a BOT:

  • Data on marketing expenditures is gathered from accounting, marketing, and management systems.

  • Data on the value of deals closed by marketing teams is collected.

  • Profits and expenses are consolidated into a separate spreadsheet.

  • ROI is calculated using consolidated data.

  • Emails to stakeholders report

55) A helpdesk is a corporate software platform used to manage requests from internal or external users or customers. Manual help desk ticket management can be a time-consuming task for your team. By using email and messenger notifications, adding tags to tickets, incorporating various fields into forms, and generating structured and accurate reports, automation can help you accelerate your customer service workflows. Develop a BOT:

  • Helpdesk tickets are generated from Excel entries.

  • Assigns tickets from the helpdesk system to tasks in CRM.

  • Notifies users of new tickets via messenger.

  • Messages from messenger are added as helpdesk tasks.

  • Produces reports on completed helpdesk tickets.

  • Helpdesk ticket statuses are tagged in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Reports on closed helpdesk tickets are emailed to stakeholders.

56) Messengers are CRMs that allow you to manage projects, track leads, plan and strategize, and even share work documents or media files. The more insightful data businesses keep in messengers, the more difficult it is to consolidate it, especially when data is entered manually. Develop a BOT:

  • Facebook messages are sent to a webhook URL.

  • Messages are sent to Slack channels from Facebook messages.

  • Excel rows are generated from Facebook messages.

  • Emails are sent from Facebook messages.

  • Evernote notes are created from Facebook messages.

  • CRM cards are generated from Facebook messages.

  • Direct Slack messages are sent from incoming Facebook messages.

  • Slack private channel messages are sent from Facebook messages.

  • Word documents are generated from Facebook messages.

  • Send direct messages about new webinars to your Facebook Messenger contacts.

57) Email data parsing is common in many industries, including marketing, public relations, and analytics. In fact, email data is parsed in any industry where data from email messages (order confirmations, purchase orders, accounting statements, or HR documents) is exported into Excel or a corporate system. Manual email data parsing is a time-consuming task that necessitates hours of copying and pasting. Develop a BOT:

  • Accesses email accounts

  • Searches for relevant data using a keyword or predefined parameters.

  • Data is extracted and imported into Excel spreadsheets or corporate systems.

  • Structures extracted data and categorises it

  • Notifies stakeholders of the completion of the email data parsing task.

  • Reports are generated based on email data.

58) Tax return printing can be a time-consuming office task. Moreover, despite digitization, many business units continue to file paper documents. Develop a BOT:

  • Enters data into appropriate tax software

  • Identifies relevant period returns

  • Prints are being returned.

  • Returns and vouchers are uploaded to the client portal.

  • Return delivery email stages

  • Prints a list of returns in an Excel file.

59) Accountants may be required to manually enter data from spreadsheets, scans, and multiple accounting software programmes when creating entries in a general ledger. The task takes time and frequently results in operational inefficiencies, raising the cost of onboarding. Develop a BOT:

  • Enters account information

  • Data reconciliation

  • General ledger accounts are updated.

  • Creates task status reports and sends reminders to stakeholders

  • Updates stakeholders via messenger and email.

60) Every minute lost in a fast-paced business environment can cost you money. As a result, a simple operation like sending payment reminders can have a significant impact on your profit and loss, especially for large companies with a high volume of transactions and accounts. Manually sending payment reminders to your team members can cost up to 2 hours of productive time per week. Develop a BOT:

  • Exports pertinent customer information from accounting and sales systems.

  • Customers' email addresses are placed in separate email bodies.

  • Each customer receives personalised reminders.

  • Sends email or messenger notifications to the responsible manager when a reply is received

  • Sends email or messenger notifications when an email is read

  • Creates consolidated reports on the reminders sent with relevant tags on status and payment

61) Manual financial reporting is a time-consuming process that necessitates gathering data from various sources, including previous reports and unstructured data siloed in various formats. It is frequently accompanied by poor legacy systems and team compartmentalization. Develop a BOT:

  • OCR is used to recognise data.

  • Data is extracted from various sources.

  • Consolidates structured data from financial systems.

  • Data is reconciled and deviations and errors are revealed.

  • Emails regarding the completion of reports

62) Money transfer services, currency exchange, travel, and shopping all require constant access to the most recent mid-market rates. A bot can efficiently retrieve currency updates from online sources, download them automatically into Excel, and update the rates on the screen. Everything is done quickly and without the risk of human error that manual entry entails. Bots can also handle live chat customer queries, providing historical currency graphs, live currency rates, and currency conversions. Develop a BOT:

  • Updated mid-market rates are extracted from predefined web sources and time frames.

  • Excel tabs are added to worksheets or existing currency information is updated.

  • Data is populated across multiple screens (or a single screen) and the website.

  • Logs into the ERP system to distribute updated rates to all business units.

  • Responds to customer inquiries via live chat

63) Manually correcting duplicate records is an expensive and time-consuming process. Potential duplicates may also be mistakenly deleted during a manual process as a result of false positives caused by spelling errors or misinterpretation of discrete records for individuals with the same names. The process can be automated to help prevent errors and facilitate active order processing. Develop a BOT:

  • Data from Excel, CSV, and text files are analysed.

  • Identifies, highlights, and displays duplicate items based on predefined criteria.

  • Indicates potential duplicate records

  • Displays a user preview and takes immediate action (Already Taken)

64) Order processing becomes more complex for any e-commerce business, including manufacturers, as demand for custom and digitised solutions grows. The proliferation of digital systems, unique data, and documentation complicates matters even more. Manual order processing can quickly consume employees' productive time and have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into corporate systems to gather relevant data. Verifies orders for capacity, tools, materials, and other details.

  • Checks a batch of documents that have been prepared for order

  • Collects production data for analysis and corrective action.

  • Monitors deviations from the production schedule.

  • Closes orders and transfers them to inventory control

  • Updates order tracking data

  • Document validation and reconciliation

  • Reports on order processing status are sent to stakeholders via email.

65) Several functions necessitate the creation of duplicate content in multiple files. Finance and accounting, marketing, and sales are examples of such functions. Making changes to data in these files can be time consuming and require several hours of tedious manual labour. Develop a BOT:

  • Opens the appropriate folders and systems

  • Opens relevant Word and Excel files and launches the 'find and replace' function

  • Replaces multiple characters across multiple files.

66) Accessing relevant corporate systems, applications, and devices for employees can be a time-consuming task. This is especially true in large enterprises with complex access management policies and sophisticated corporate hierarchies. Develop a BOT:

  • Access requests are received via email or messenger.

  • Looks for employee information in a pre approved list.

  • Finds the required system and verifies access status; grants employee access to the required system

  • Notifies employees that access has been granted.

  • Reports on each stage of access management are generated.

  • Notifies stakeholders via email when a task is completed.

67) Data parsing is an important operation in many different businesses and industries. Statistics, job postings, financial information, competitive pricing and offerings, catalogues - all of these types of data can be useful in a variety of functions ranging from finance to human resources. Manual parsing of such data is a time-consuming, repetitive, and copy-and-paste task. Develop a BOT:

  • Uses user credentials to access the website.

  • Selects the data required for web page parsing.

  • Structured data is downloaded in XLSX, XLS, XML, and CSV formats.

  • Scraping is scheduled and updated data is collected automatically every day.

  • Reports on website parsing history are generated.

  • Transfers parsed data to the appropriate systems and folders.

  • Data is extracted from multiple web pages, both structured and unstructured.

  • Notifies stakeholders when web parsing tasks are completed; creates and sends reports

68) A massive amount of data is generated by supply chains. Coordination of timely updates of information related to goods, destinations, drop-off points, and events across multiple sources and parties is one of the most difficult challenges of supply-chain data management. Incorrect data can result in an excess or shortage of inventory, as well as other issues. Develop a BOT:

  • Logs into supply-management systems, spreadsheets, and files using the account credentials of the responsible manager.

  • Updates inventory item amount and value data.

  • Data on item availability is matched between several supply management systems.

  • Updates the demand plan

  • Purchase order dates are updated.

  • Notifies users when updates are made.

69) Controlling various aspects of a project's workflow, such as team members' workload, task statuses, CRM updates, reporting, and many other details, is required for project management. Apart from being difficult for a manager to remember, these tasks alone can easily consume more than 8 hours of nonstop work per day. Develop a BOT:

  • When a task is completed, it sends an email or a message to the user.

  • Assigns tasks to team members in project management CRM or spreadsheet.

  • Based on events or triggers, schedules regular meetings with relevant team members (project-stage completion or status change)

  • Notifies team members when a task is incomplete.

  • Reports are generated when a project enters a new stage or is completed.

  • Notifies team members when projects or tasks are finished and require review or updating.

70) Excel has many built-in features for extracting and manipulating data, but transferring Excel tabs from one file to multiple Excel documents can be time-consuming and risk introducing human error. Bots can automate this process and eliminate the possibility of human error. Bots can be extremely useful in situations where multiple Excel workbooks are required for different regions, dates, products, and clients. Bots can easily separate each tab into its own Excel file and save it in a specific folder. They also support a variety of Excel file formats. Develop a BOT:

  • Identifies the appropriate file location

  • Examines the file (input) and the required output format (e.g., .xls, .xlsx)

  • Separate workbooks are created and named based on the criteria specified.

  • Saves the resulting files to a specified folder.

71) Departments such as logistics, human resources, finance, and marketing frequently require the splitting of large PDFs into smaller ones. This can be done manually, but it takes time and effort that could be spent on more important tasks. To facilitate electronic distribution, a bot can easily split a PDF document into smaller documents. Develop a BOT:

  • Examines a PDF file

  • Splits a file into multiple PDFs based on predefined parameters.

  • Each file is named according to a predefined file naming scheme.

  • Saves files to a specified folder

  • Overwrites existing files with the same names if necessary.

  • Individual files are emailed to designated parties.

72) Completing standard forms for banking, taxes, human resources, and accounting can be extremely time consuming, especially when team members are required to complete tens to hundreds of such forms on a daily basis. Such data entry necessitates a methodical approach and may result in human errors. Develop a BOT:

  • In template-based documents, insert data from various sources into the appropriate fields.

  • Recognizes and reconciles data between the fields of the primary and target documents

  • Removes redundant forms

  • Completed documents are emailed to stakeholders.

73) KPI monitoring is an important part of the workflow of any project management team. Manual team KPI monitoring can be time-consuming, consuming up to 10 hours of a management team's productive time and negatively impacting the quality of the actual project analysis. Develop a BOT:

  • Notifies the responsible manager via email or messenger of KPI completion or failure.

  • Data on team member KPI status is gathered from corporate systems, Excel spreadsheets, and project management boards.

  • Consolidates KPI achievement reports from multiple team and project management systems.

  • Sends management team reminders about KPI monitoring dates.

74) Any business must conduct research on its competitors' offerings and pricing. However, even if employees spend countless hours monitoring data, it is extremely difficult to keep up with constantly changing prices. Another source of concern is the inevitability of human error in data entry. Develop a BOT:

  • Searches the internet for relevant product pricing

  • Collects competitor pricing and enters it into the appropriate spreadsheet/system field.

  • Logs into sales systems and updates prices and statuses as needed.

  • Emails stakeholders about price changes by competitors

  • Adjusts the prices of your products in response to price changes made by your competitors.

75) PDF Table Extraction :

  • PDF Folder path and one email-address would be provided by the user

  • Convert Tabular data of PDFs to Excel

  • Combine all Excel sheets into one Master Excel sheet with headers

  • Send email to the address provided (Already Taken)

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